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Full Range of Epoxy Flooring Services

Kitchens, restaurants, health facilities, warehouses, schools, garages, and more. See the epoxy services we offer here.

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10+ Years of Professional Experience

Our epoxy garage floor Sacramento installers have a great deal of experience. Let us make your concrete flooring look just the way you want.

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Happy and Grateful Customers

You can learn a lot about a company by the satisfaction of its customers. Our customers are overwhelmingly happy with the work we’ve done for them. See why they’re so pleased with our work and get your free estimate today!


Extensive Epoxy Flooring Services

Epoxy Flooring Sacramento

Epoxy Flooring Systems

Epoxy flooring in Sacramento is our specialty! Combine our state-of-the-art equipment with our wealth of experience and you get long-lasting epoxy flooring you can count on. 

Concrete Polishing Sacramento

Concrete Polishing

Through grinding, densifying, and honing your concrete, we can provide you with a smooth surface, perfect for your needs. Nobody is better at concrete polishing in Sacramento!

Anti Slip Floor Finish

Anti-Slip Finish

If you want or need flooring that prevents slipping, we can help. With our special anti slip floor finish additives, your epoxy flooring will provide a safe surface for you and anyone who comes in contact with it. 

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Sacramento CA

Commercial / Industrial

We use industrial floor coatings to provide you with seamless surfaces, durability that can resist abrasions, and the versatility to be as thick as your needs require.

Epoxy Garage Flooring

Moisture Remediation

Moisture can wreak havoc on your floors. That’s why we treat your concrete with moisture preventatives during your new flooring installation.

Coved Epoxy Flooring

Coved Flooring

Coved flooring provides you with a smooth and easy-to-clean floor, ideal for healthcare and medical facilities.

Trowel Grade Epoxy

Trowel Grade Epoxy

Trowel grade epoxy is a two-component, 100% solids, moisture-tolerant, non-sag epoxy designed for vertical, horizontal and overhead applications.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic Flooring

Metallic flooring is a special multi-layered epoxy coating system that incorporates a metallic additive mixed into a clear epoxy coating.



Garage Floors
Gauranteed to Last

The last thing you want is to pay for new epoxy flooring only to have it quickly fade. That’s why we back up all our work with a five-year warranty.

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Years Of Experience
We have more than 10 years of experience installing epoxy flooring in homes and commercial buildings. You can trust us to make your floors look great and last long.

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Epoxy Floors Completed
We’ve installed more than 1500 epoxy floors over the years. If you hire us, you’re not getting a rookie with no experience. You get a seasoned, skilled veteran.


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"Our floor turned out beautiful. All work was done quickly and professionally. Thank you, Epoxy Floor Pros..."
Corky Choate
Elk Grove
"We highly recommend EpoxyFloor Pros especially their new epoxy flooring for your garage and backyard makeover. Check their work out and see it for yourself."
Martin Vo
"Phenomenal company with absolute professionals that show up on time - ask questions as they go to be certain they have it right - and clean up after the job is done! Then - they check in again - just to be sure you’re happy with their work. Highly Recommended!!"
Tina Calanchini
"Hello there, the guy for flooring was amazing. I was turning my home garage into a gym. I needed Epoxy flooring, him and the crew did an amazing job. His team members are professional, they care about doing things the right way. I will definitely hire them if I need such service again. I highly recommend Brian and his crew."
Happy Customer
"The guy and his crew did an amazing job on our garage floors. The Epoxy came out great! They were extremely professional!"
Happy Customer
Elk Grove
"Excellent service from start to finish. Employees genuinely cared about delivering a quality product and service. Would very happily recommend and use it again."
Sheldon Steele
Rancho Cordova


Your Dream Garage
Awaits you

Epoxy floor coating can make your garage look just the way you’ve always wanted. Your dream garage is just a phone call away.


Epoxy Garage Floor Sacramento

When you get epoxy floor coating in your garage at home or commercial space, you want several things: a fair price, experienced garage floor epoxy installers, multiple design choices, and a good warranty. Fortunately for you, you get every item on that list when you hire us for your garage floor coating Sacramento needs. Epoxy flooring needs to last for years, that’s why we offer extensive warranties on all of our full residential and commercial flooring services. But with the decades of experience our epoxy installers have, we don’t think you’ll ever have to use our warranties. 

Epoxy Pricing

When it comes to pricing, we’re completely open and transparent about all of it. We won’t lie to you and say we’re the cheapest epoxy flooring company in Sacramento County because we’re not. But if you want high-quality garage floor epoxy in Sacramento that will really last, the absolute cheapest company is not the way to go. Cheap will get you floors that fade quickly and need to be redone sooner than you’d like. Sadly, they’ll cost you more in the long run. You want a company that does high-quality work and uses high-quality tools and materials. Not a company that cuts corners. Epoxy Floor Pros is the cream of the crop in the Sacramento area. 

Epoxy Floor Coating Design Options

Whether it’s your living space or your work, it should look the way you want. We offer a variety of epoxy design options for you to choose from including spackle. Even more importantly, we offer custom designs and colors. If you’d like gray floors with red, jet black, or lighter earth tones, we can make that happen for you. Check out some of the work we’ve done in our gallery.  

The Best Epoxy in Town

We offer the best commercial and home garage floor epoxy in the Sacramento area. While we’re based just south of Sacramento in Elk Grove, we serve the entire area. Our service area includes Stockton, Folsom, Roseville, El Dorado Hills, Rancho Cordova, Davis, Woodland, Rocklin, and more.

Epoxy Garage Floor Sacramento Installation Benefits

Epoxy floors and garage floor coating are a fantastic addition to any home or commercial space in the Sacramento area. Not only do they greatly improve the look and feel of your garage or business, but they’re also very functional. Floor epoxy is long-lasting, easy to clean, and extremely durable. If you want to epoxy your one, two, or three-car garage at home, we can add custom epoxy and coating for a great price. Or, if your needs are more industrial, we can handle those needs for you as well.

Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

If you’ve been considering adding garage floor coating, our experts will do a 5-star job for you! For more than a decade, we’ve been committed to making homes and businesses look the way our customers want. More importantly, we can make your floors fit your needs perfectly. At Epoxy Floor Pros, we’ll do everything we can to make your experience as good and seamless as possible. You won’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to getting your floors ready. We’ll handle everything from cleaning the surface to adding the last speck of epoxy floor coating.

Eye-Catching & Inexpensive

People frequently get epoxy floors for commercial and industrial uses, but many people also get epoxy flooring at their home in the garage, basement, or shop. Among the reasons why people get epoxy coating is because it’s so easy to maintain and incredibly durable. Concrete coatings can stand up against chemicals, spills, trucks, and more. These are some of the reasons why garage epoxy flooring in Sacramento is becoming more and more commonplace. It’s perfect for garages, with its ability to handle the weight of parked cars and won’t become stained from car fluid leaks. Keeping it clean couldn’t be easier. You can get rid of motor oil and engine coolant with just a rag.

Epoxy concrete floors are also very cost-effective as well. There are various other flooring options for you to choose from. The problem with a lot of these other options is that you’ll most likely have to reapply paint or other treatments to keep it looking good. With epoxy floor coating, your flooring will last for years before it begins to fade. Epoxy flooring can prevent slipping and temperature fluctuations. It can also withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Adding epoxy floors to your home may also increase its value. Potential buyers will see shiny, easily maintained floors with numerous benefits as a very desirable feature. There is a wide range of colors available, making it easy to enhance the look as well as the function of your flooring.



Epoxy Flooring

Our people are our most valuable assets. They are the faces of our organization and take great care of each and every project as if it were their own.

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