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Metallic Epoxy Floor Cypress, TX

Are you looking for epoxy flake floors or metallic epoxy floor solutions in Cypress, TX? Texas Floor FX provides industrial epoxy flooring as well as epoxy flooring for homes.

Epoxy floor coating is used for industrial, commercial and residential flooring. Our industrial epoxy flooring and epoxy flooring for homes are durable and attractive flooring options. You can choose between a metallic epoxy floor or epoxy flake floors, both of which offer full-functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Texas Floor FX specializes in all types of epoxy floor solutions. A popular option is the metallic epoxy floor. This is a high-gloss option with a metallic pigment that makes it look like metal. If you are looking to upgrade your floors, get in touch with us. We have certified experts and contractors to help you make the switch.

metallic epoxy floors
epoxy flake floors

Epoxy Flake Floors

epoxy flake floors houston tx

Epoxy flake floors have a unique look, in addition to their durability. This look results from the flakes added to the liquid polymer resin before installation. This type of floor is affordable compared to other durable floor options like stone. In addition, the floor is applied directly over concrete. This means that you do not have to go to the trouble of demolishing floors, which would be expensive. If you are looking for quality and affordable epoxy flake floors, get in touch with us.

Texas Floor FX offers a wide variety of high-quality flooring options. These include industrial epoxy flooring and epoxy flooring for homes. Another benefit of these floors is that they are highly resistant to oil, cleansers, bleach and transmission fluid. Contact us to learn about these flooring varieties. Our metallic epoxy floor solutions are available for residents and businesses in Cypress, TX and the surrounding areas.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

industrial epoxy flooring the woodlands tx

When installing an industrial floor, you want one that is sturdy and durable. Industrial epoxy flooring is a great choice. For starters, the floor is water and heat resistant. Additionally, chemical spills and commercial cleaners have no negative impact on industrial epoxy flooring. You can also choose epoxy flake floors for your commercial facility to benefit from their aesthetic appeal without losing out on functionality.

Another major benefit of industrial epoxy flooring is that it is resistant to bacteria and germs. This means that you can easily sanitize your floors, and this applies to epoxy flake floors as well. This is why these floors are also ideal for hospitals and clinics. If you are looking for the right floor based on your application, get in touch with us. We also provide metallic epoxy floor options for commercial clients in Cypress, TX. All our floors are hardwearing and installed with great precision.


Epoxy Flooring For Homes

epoxy flooring for homes katy tx

Have you been considering epoxy flooring for homes? You will be delighted to note that they offer everything you could need in a good floor. Not only are they durable and attractive, but they also increase the value of your home. You also get to choose between different options. The most popular are the epoxy flake and metallic epoxy floor options.

Epoxy flooring for homes will only be durable if they are well installed and properly sealed. That is why it is always best to work with reliable floor contractors in your area. If you are looking for epoxy flooring professionals in Cypress, TX, get in touch with us.

Epoxy flooring for homes should serve you for many years. That is why we offer a lifetime adhesion warranty on all our epoxy floor installations. If your metallic epoxy floor starts to peel off at any point, simply call us and we’ll replace it promptly.


Boat FX Floors

boat fx floors katy tx

Epoxy flooring forms a barrier against moisture, cracks, grease, and stains. This makes it an ideal flooring option for boats. Again, you can choose between an epoxy flake and metallic epoxy floor for your boat. You’ll never have to worry about stains or difficulty in cleaning, and the floor will look like new for many years.

Our durable epoxy floors stand the test of time. We serve clients in Cypress, TX and nearby areas such as Houston, The Woodlands, Spring, Huntsville, Conroe, Katy, and Tomball, TX. It’s time to make the switch to a more hardwearing and long-lasting flooring option. Call us today for your free estimate.


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Texas floor did an outstanding job on my garage. Very pleased with the process from beginning to end. Since the... read more

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