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Extremely Durable Flooring

Floors are often one of the least thought about parts of a room or building. Commercial and industrial floor epoxy needs to be extremely durable. It needs to be able to resist abrasions, hold up against frequent heavy machinery, high amounts of foot traffic. Depending on your business, you might need it to be extremely thick. Commercial epoxy is one of the things we specialize in at Epoxy Floor Pros. An old, dinged-up concrete floor can be bad for business. Even worse, it can let your floors absorb contaminants resulting in expensive repairs years down the road. Hiring the right commercial flooring contractor can help you avoid all of that.

Commercial and Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating 

100% solid epoxy coating is commonly used in commercial or professional flooring along with water-based and solvent-based epoxies. Water-based epoxy is thinner and will be easier to apply. However, solvent-based is thicker and is much more durable. It also more fully covers imperfections in the resin. Commercial epoxy flooring requires thicker coatings to withstand the demands of heavy foot traffic, oil spills, and large machinery. Our commercial epoxy floorings provide far more than just a durable and tough finish. When installed correctly, the smooth and glossy finish, combined with the design of your choice, can also add a style and personality all your own. 

Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating 

Industrial floors must be built to withstand a variety of hazards. They are no stranger to the impact of heavy rolling items, vehicular traffic, not to mention dangerous chemical spills. We use only top quality epoxy products and will include the proper amount of layers necessary for an industrial grade floor. Our Industrial epoxy floors are durable enough to handle abrasions as well as drops and dings. 

Epoxy Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Commercial kitchen floors can really take a beating. They need to be both durable and safe, while being low maintenance and easy to clean at the same time. Our commercial kitchen epoxy floors are non-porous and waterproof which makes clean-up a breeze. No more tiresome scrubbing after a long shift at work. 

Epoxy floors are seamless and can be installed tight to the drains and up the walls so there will be no crevices to conceal insects or unsanitary food particles. 

Our commercial floors can be installed quickly, while always adhering to safety regulations and standards. This includes all state and local health regulations.


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