Trowel Grade Epoxy

Epoxy Commercial/Industrial flooring

Ultimate Concrete Coating

Trowel grade epoxy is a two-component, 100% solids, moisture-tolerant, non-sag epoxy designed for vertical, horizontal and overhead applications. It is the ultimate concrete coating for thickness and durability. Trowel grade coats are ideal for heavy-duty workshops, chemical plants, industrial workshops, and factories. Floors that will be supporting considerable mass ought to be covered with trowel grade epoxy. Concrete floors that come in regular contact with corrosive chemicals will also greatly benefit from trowel grade epoxy coating.

Installing trowel grade epoxy flooring requires experienced and skilled technicians. Extra curing times are needed and ideal conditions necessary to achieve the desired results. Ideally, it should be layered at temperatures of seventy degrees fahrenheit or higher, making the best time for installation late spring, summer, or early fall.



Epoxy Flooring

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