Anti-Slip Finish Epoxy Flooring

Depending on your needs, you might want to consider floors with an anti-slip finish.

Anti-slip epoxy flooring

Anti-Slip Finish
Gauranteed to Last

We use special additives to ensure the surface of your floors are safe. It’s almost hard to slip on floors with a textured finish. This works great in certain settings including commercial areas. We can also apply an additional grit to your floors to make them extra safe.

Different situations require variations of anti-slip textures. For dry conditions, we recommend a marble chip texture that comes with a non-abrasive surface. If the floors don’t get wet frequently, you won’t need additional grit. But for areas that experience lots of spills or moisture, we’ll add a sandpaper-like finish to the coat. Get your free estimate to see which is right for you.



Epoxy Flooring

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