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Epoxy Flake Garage Floor The Woodlands, TX

Do you need epoxy flake floor services? Get in touch with Texas Floor FX for an epoxy flake coating floor, decorative flakes epoxy floors, or an epoxy flake garage floor in The Woodlands, TX.

An epoxy flake floor is one of the best floor coating options available today. It is durable, scratch resistant and chemical resistant. This makes it suitable for garage floors and commercial buildings in The Woodlands, TX. Considering the fact that floors in commercial buildings and garages are most vulnerable to chemical or oil leaks, an epoxy flake floor is a wise investment. Additionally, investing in decorative flakes epoxy floors eliminates the need to choose between aesthetics and functionality. It gives you both.

One of the misconceptions about epoxy floors is that they have limited aesthetic designs. You may be wary of installing an epoxy flake garage floor because you assume that you will not find a design that you like. However, you can choose from a wide range of colors for the flakes that will be mixed with the epoxy ingredients during installation. As a result, you can get an epoxy flake coating floor in any color that you like.


Epoxy Flake Floor

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An epoxy floor installation is a fluid-applied floor system. During installation, the topmost part of the floor is scabbed or drilled out first. The epoxy ingredients are then mixed and poured onto the floor. Differences in the design are the result of the technique used in spreading out the fluid on the floor. An epoxy flake floor has decorative flakes added to the mixture while still in liquid form. As mentioned, the flakes come in different decorative colors and can be synthetic or made from natural minerals.

The fact that there is a large variety of decorative flakes allows for customized floor designs. This means that you can choose your decorative flakes epoxy floors to match the rest of your home’s decor. The same applies to your epoxy flake garage floor. Moreover, your epoxy flake coating floor can mimic other expensive, but less durable, floor designs like stone or tile.

Decorative Flakes Epoxy Floors

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Another advantage of decorative flakes epoxy floors is that drawings or writings can be a part of the floor design. This makes them an ideal option when you want to include your company logo on the floor. The contractor working on the epoxy flake floor will apply the drawing or text at the initial stages of the installation. This allows the floor to have that seamless look despite the design drawn on it.

Another advantage of epoxy flake coating floors is that they can partition different parts of a large room. For instance, you can have a decorative epoxy flake garage floor in different colors for the different work areas. As such, you can have different colors for the different sections of the garage. This not only makes the garage floor look appealing, but it also makes it look organized.


Epoxy Flake Coating Floor

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When your epoxy flake floor is installed by a professional contractor in The Woodlands, TX, you get value for your money. It will be a long time before the floor needs maintenance. Since it is scratch resistant, it is ideal for garages, so even when tools fall on the floor, it will not scratch or chip. Decorative flakes epoxy floors are also resistant to chemicals. That means you won’t have to worry about stains resulting from chemical spins. Your garage will look attractive and well maintained for a long time.

If you are looking for a company in The Woodlands, TX that offers epoxy flake coating floor services, look no further than Texas Floor FX. We have skilled contractors with many years of experience handling epoxy floors. Our epoxy flake garage floor services and other epoxy flake floor services are available in Cypress, Houston, Spring, Huntsville, Conroe, Katy, Tomball, and The Woodlands, TX.


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